Decorative textiles

Decorative textiles

Voile & Sharktooth

Partition walls for exhibition constructions are often required to be light and transparent. The best choice is either voile or sharktooth (available in widths up to 1180 cm). Special effects can be created on these transparent fabrics with artful illumination or the use of laser light.

Blackout cloth

Sometimes quite the opposite effect of transparency is intended – the perfect occasion for Dimout Satin to take the stage. A 100 % blackout effect can only be created with coated fabric. Due to the coating this fabric is stiffer and not as easy to be folded.

IBENA Dimout Satin, however, is exclusively woven. It has a soft feel and is perfect for draping. Shadowy outlines or luminous cones are slightly visible through the fabric only in bright, direct backlight.